Skyline Ohio is a leading outsourced sales and marketing company specializing in new client acquisitions and customer retention. By focusing on a face to face, relationship-based marketing approach, we are able to bring our clients long term customers and a high level of customer loyalty. 

Traditional forms of marketing such as television, billboards, or print ads have recently provided limited success. Our direct marketing strategy is more effective and provides our clients with a 100% return on investment. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Skyline Ohio is to create lucrative, long-standing, and honest partnerships through a personal commitment to profitability and integrity in sales for our clients.  In addition, Skyline Ohio is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our team through the creation of successful business partners and life-long friends.

Our goal for 2014 is to open 4 new offices throughout the country. We will also continue to accommodate the growth for our clients and provide life long opportunity for our people.